Unofficial XAT '24 Solution Key: All Sectional Answers

See the unofficial XAT '24 answer key for thorough section-by-section answers. Obtain your solutions right now!

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Unofficial XAT '24 Solution Key: All Sectional Answers

  • by Ajeet
  • 10 Jan, 2024
The unofficial XAT answer key 2024 is available here. It changed into created by way of challenge professionals the usage of the memory-primarily based questions that test takers submitted. 
Unofficial XAT Answer Key 2024: On January 7, the XAT became administered. This twelve months, the paper went from being slight to hard. You can take a look at the unofficial XAT answer key 2024 for all of the questions that depend mostly on memory proper right here. The XAT Answer Key 2024, created through scenario experts, offers candidates a threat to evaluate their exam performance previous to the release of the sincere solution code. Please take be aware that unofficial solution keys paintings quality as a reference manual rather than as a reliable assessment of universal overall performance. Since all the questions within the unofficial XAT 2024 solution key are memory-based totally, there may be some small errors, so candidates need to double check their solutions.

Unofficial XAT Answer Key 2024: Ingenious solutions to questions
Below is the section-sensible unofficial XAT answer key 2024 for examinees. University college students can use the answer keys to check their exam performance on a regular foundation and comprise an idea into their selection to wait one of the high-quality MBA or PGDM programs.

General Knowledge Answer Key 2024 for the XAT
Please suit the subsequent: Guinea - Conakry, Liechtenstein - Vaduz, Kenya - Nairobi, Paraguay - Asuncion,

Combat Identifiers and Years

Battle of the Hydaspes - May three, 326 BC First Tarain War - 1191 Khanwa's Crucial Meeting - 1527
The Epic Battle of Talikota, 1565
The Crucial Battle of Buxar - 1764

Nabanna: What is it? - This is Bangladesh's and Bengal's harvest competition.
Which governor popular of India afterward brought the "Doctrine of Lapse"? - Dalhousie, Lord
Chatsonic, Google Bard, and ChatGPT: Tools for Generative AI

Books and Writers
Mark Twain's "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and Jules Verne's "Around the World in Eighty Days"
Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels"
Arthur Conan Doyle's "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
The novel "David Copperfield" with the aid of Charles Dickens

Sort the historical capitals of Pataliputra, Kannauj, Karur, and Rajahmundry from north to south.
Of the subsequent Indian states, which one does the Ganges River now not presently flow through? - Himachal Pradesh
qx+ry-7=0, 3x+21y+P-O, in which p, q, and r are actual numbers Q opp q> p, r, sign r, q identical sign, r<qp - P, Q, R is Q, PO DC, are P.
What does this suggest about Beauty? - Which of the subsequent Japanese prefectures has been severely laid low with an earthquake on January 1, 2024? Beauty is described and desired with the aid of the perceiver. - Ishikawa
X-37B: what's it? The American army plane that has traveled to space inside the remote past
In an effort to expedite deliveries, which employer established a devoted air cargo provider in India? - Amazon.

Which rocket was utilized to ship Aditya-L1 into orbit? — PSLV-C57
Which Indian town, on the eve of Diwali 2023, lit 22.23 lakh earthen lamps, setting a international record? — Ayodhya
Which authority declared a fish named "Ghol" to be the kingdom fish in November 2023? — Gujarat
What is the call of the AI-powered chatbot that Air India brought, which additionally delivered a generative AI digital agent? — Maharaja
What United States of America has formally withdrew from the "Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe?" - Russia
In 2023, Claudia Dale Goldin obtained a suggestion to acquire the Nobel Prize in Economics due to her great reputation for her groundbreaking research on ladies in the personnel.

Matthew Perry, who surpassed away in 2023, received notoriety for portraying which person on the sitcom Friends? - Chandler Bing
Oppenheimer became the director of the movie through - Christopher Nolan
In 2023, who won the Nobel Peace Prize? - Muhammad Narges
Why is Dr. Akshata Krishnamurthy presently included inside the records? - She is the primary Indian countrywide to be in fee of a Mars rover project.
Which metropolis played host to the Asian Games 2022, which are currently over? - Hangzhou
Which groups participated within the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2023 championship healthy, which passed off in Mumbai on March 26, 2023? - The Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians

XAT Quant & DI Answer Key 2024
Current Answers to the XAT 2024 Question Papers
Response: Choice 4 (95).
Response: Choice 4 (seventy seven).
Option 4 (8:10 PM) is the answer.
Option 1 (0) is the response.
Option 4 (Rs 91,000) is the solution.
Response: Option 2 (28,900 Rupees)
Option 1 (Rs. 3,sixteen,80,000) is the answer.
Option 1 alone is sufficient to resolve the hassle, is the solution.
Option 3 (14) is the response.
Option four (36:sixteen:1) is the solution.
Select Option 2 (2) in reaction.
Option three (q is the largest of p, q, and r) is the answer.
Option 5 (3b is divisible by way of a) is the solution.
Response: Choice 2 (4 cm)
Response: Choice 1 (990)
Response: Choice 1 (Rs 1)
Option 1 (3/10) is the solution.
Option 2 is the handiest choice.
Response: Choice number three (26)
Select Option 3 (eight) as the response.
Option Four (14) is the solution.
Select Option three (10) because the response.
Response: Choice 1 (7)
Option 4 (nine and 10) is the answer.
Response: Choice 1 (7)
Option five (Coupon E) is the solution.
Response: Choice 4 (seven hundred rupees).

qx + ry - 7 = zero - 36:6:1, 3x + 21y + P = 0
Three boxes comprise a few unusual jewels that King has: 1/three within the first box, K/five inside the second, and 66 within the zero.33 bin. Find the kind of rare jewels the king owned, if K is extra than zero.
Out of the following years, which one isn't a jump year? - 1900
600 seats total, eighty% occupancy, 600 × eighty% = 480 Four hundred instances 250 is a hundred thousand. eighty × 100 = 16000 116000 in revenue 10000 + 5000 × 3 = 25000 in cost 91000 (116000 - 25000)
An a>zero 4-digit wide variety, abbb Which is the critical sufficient case? With the useful resource of 'A', 3b is divisible with the aid of 2 Log 25 (2x-4) = Log 5 (x-2). X's number of values? "O"

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